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OK, "us" is a misnomer. It is really just me. "We" feel compelled to refer to myself in the plural so that you will get the impression that we are bigger than we are. We aren't. It's just me. That is why we have zero support for you. So about me! Well, one day I found myself at the ballet and realized that I kind of enjoyed it. And that enjoyment would never have been experienced had I not been conned into attending on a date. It made me wonder what else I was missing that I would never buy tickets for. So at intermission, I purchased the domain on my phone and an idea was born. Initially, I treated it as a blog. I literally threw darts at Timeout NY (the printed magazine) and did whatever it hit. The first thing it hit was the Jonas Brothers movie in 3D. I saw off-broadway shows, I went to Irish pubs, I hit up burlesque shows, and generally had a great time. So now I am sharing the love. Enjoy!

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